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◆ In case of re-examination, in addition to visiting the hospital, online medical treatment,

Alternatively, you can receive medical treatment by phone.


"Flow of online medical treatment / telephone re-examination"


1. 1. Online connection or incoming call from our hospital

2. 2. Confirmation of health insurance card, medical certificate, etc.

  * Please have it ready in advance.

3. 3. Confirmation of payment method

  (Credit card, PayPay, LINE Pay, bank transfer)

  * Payment can be made by any of the above methods on the day after medical treatment.

Please finish. We asked you about your preferred payment method

Then, send the payment form to your registered email address.

I will send it.

4. Medical treatment

5. Prescription

  * If you have a prescription after medical treatment, fax the prescription to your desired pharmacy.

We will do it, so please receive your medicine.

(Please contact the pharmacy for how to receive it)

  • 【未成年者(主に18歳未満)のご受診について:医療提供方針】少なくとも高校生にあたる年齢以上の方々のご受診を受付けいたします。

  • 【未成年者(主に18歳未満)のご受診について:医療提供方針】少なくとも高校生にあたる年齢以上の方々のご受診を受付けいたします。

  • 注意: 新型コロナウイルス感染症の拡大に際する、特例によるものです。初診の場合はオンラインでは難しい場合もありますのでご了承ください。

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