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Carotid echo 

Maximum IMT is a quantitative evaluation of 353 cases of carotid artery plaques docked in our hospital. They are divided into the following three groups, and the relationship between them and the coronary artery calcification score is investigated.

1. 1.

Mild: 1.1-1.5 mm

Moderate: 1.6 ~ 1.9mm

Severe: 2.0 mm or more

<< Mild case >>

Maximum IMT: 1.2 mm

Coronary artery calcification score: 88.38

《Severe case》

Maximum IMT: 3.3 mm

Coronary artery calcification
score: 945.02

The coronary artery calcification score of the severe group with a maximum IMT value of 2.0 mm or higher was significantly higher than that of the mild group with a maximum IMT value of 1.5 mm or lower (p = 0.001).

2. 2.

IMT severe cases

Coronary artery calcification is in progress!

Maximum IMT is 2.0  In the severely ill group of mm or more, coronary CT findings showed significant coronary artery stenosis in about 30%.

3. 3.

The severe IMT cases,30% of the blood vessels in the heart is s narrowed.

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