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Medical cooperation

CVIC in Sengawa


As a family doctor of the heart of everyone in the Chofu / Sengawa area, we aim to be a person who can consult with confidence.


At the Sengawa Heart Clinic, echographs and electrocardiography of the heart are used to detect abnormalities in the heart. The Iidabashi imaging clinic  is main center of CVIC. at Iidabashi cooperation with regional medical institutions, receive MRI (CMR) and CT  (CTA).


In cooperation with the surrounding hospitals, CVIC Sengawa Heart Clinic will take care of your follow-up with confidence.

​If more advanced medical care is required, we will cooperate with university hospitals and regional institutional hospitals.

Musashino Red Cross Hospital


Sakakibara Memorial Hospital


Tokyo Medical University Hospital


Kyorin University Hospital


◆ The Cardiovascular Institute Hospital


Kanto Central Hospital

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